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The beauty of Schwartz herbs is that you can pick them up freshly sealed from your supermarket and have a 'taste you trust' on your dining table just hours later. The journey to the supermarket is a long one with quality control carefully exercised throughout the process. Schwartz has nurtured strong relationships with only the best suppliers around the world which has enabled them to get closer to the raw materials, giving them valuable input into the entire process.

Taste You Trust

At Schwartz, they understand that working with flavour components means dealing with variable environmental situations - which demands a careful, deliberate and consistent approach. Quality is embedded in Schwartz' DNA. Their goal is to be proactive and to anticipate and mitigate any possible quality risk.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Purpose-led performance has been at the core of Schwartz success for over 130 years. Expanding the business globally while demonstrating an unwavering responsbility for the long-term vitality and well being of the people, the communities and the planet.